Parkridge Pellet is the ideal no mess, easy application and sustainable garden mulch.
Our high quality straw pellets are a natural by-product of our hay and crop production process, making them the perfect choice when it comes to an eco-friendly and highly effective mulch. 

Kids Gardening


  • Extremely easy to manage and apply to your garden with no mess!

  • Enriches your soil by adding organic matter & essential nutrients

  • Drastically slows down rain run off

  • Excellent worm food & will promote worm activity

  • Protects against soil erosion

  • Insulates your soil, keeping it cool, moist & protected from extreme temperatures

  • 1 pellet swells to over 4 times its volume

  • Being weed free, it reduces weed-seed germination & makes it easier to pull out weeds

  • Positive environmental benefits - using an on-farm waste product that would otherwise be burnt, we produce this high quality soil conditioning & rejuvenating pellet that your garden will love!



Parkridge Pellets upon initial application to a potted fruit tree.


Pellets 5 minutes after a good spray of water - notice how they are beginning to expand.


Parkridge Pellets 24 hours after first application and one good spray of water from the hose.