Stable bedding Horse bedding

Parkridge Pellet is the ideal highly absorbent, no mess and sustainable animal bedding.
Our high quality straw pellets are a natural by-product of our hay and crop production process, and are the perfect choice when it comes to eco-friendly and comfortable animal bedding. 



  • Highly absorbent - 1 pellet absorbs 3 times its weight in urine

  • Easy, no mess application to desired area/s

  • Suitable for large and small animals - horses, cattle, donkeys, goats, pigs & sheep through to chickens and rabbits

  • Once expanded, the bedding stays soft & spongy due to the terrific absorbency properties of the straw pellets

  • Environmentally friendly - fully compostable & easily recycled for gardening use

  • Great thermal properties - providing warmth & comfort

  • Greatly reduced amount of dust*

  • Extremely easy to manage - making clean up quicker & more efficient*

  • Easily transported - terrific for horse float & truck bedding (stops urine running out the door!)

  • Lasts much longer in stables*

   *as compared to wood based bedding products