Testimonials & Feedback

"We started feeding our big fur babies Parkridge hay at the Mansfield Friends Horse Trials. Had it delivered to our float at the comp, very handy! Our New Forrest pony & Champion QH love the low sugar hay!! Our 14 year old daughter and her 6 year old QH gelding (his first year competing!) competed at the State HT Championships last weekend and placed 12th in the state in their grade/division! Must have been the yummy hay he had!!"

- Narelle, Mansfield VIC

"Our fussy mare absolutely loves Parkridge Hay, and I love the option of different levels of sugar. The best hay ever."

- Sarah Jane, Western Victoria

"We’ve been feeding Parkridge Hay to our horses for a few years now. We try and keep all the feeds consistent for the horses including their hay as it’s much better for their health. We know that every time we get new hay from Parkridge Hay, we can choose the same hay each time and the horses love it! I particularly love the fact that we can feed plenty of hay and not have weeds pop up all over their paddocks. Lately we have been closely looking at the diet of our pickiest eater and am impressed with the feed tests provided by Parkridge Hay, and that we know exactly what they are getting in their hay and can make sure they are getting a completely balanced diet"
- Lauren, Mansfield VIC

"Our horses just love Parkridge low sugar hay! They always eat up every last morsel.. It's easy to handle and really well priced!
The staff at Parkridge Hay are super friendly and so knowledgeable and are wonderful sponsors of our Mansfield Pony Club! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!"

- Emily, Mansfield VIC

"I am currently using Parkridge Hay and have tried the cocksfoot, Brome & clover/rye. My minis fell in love with the clover/rye.. they are both recovering laminitis ponies and are still on the road to recovery. They are now eating their cocksfoot every night, where as before Parkridge Hay they would just leave their hay. I give them Parkridge clover/rye as a special treat for a change. Very happy with the hay!"
- Sharon, Goulburn NSW